The worship of the Holy Spirit is commonly accepted as the greatest manifestation of the religious nature of the Azorean people and of the cultural legacy that best defines and characterises the Azorean identity.

This celebration, inherent to our identity, has crossed the borders of the nine Atlantic islands throughout several generations and waves of emigration, and it is the best vehicle of communication and the biggest aggregation factor that exists between Azoreans wherever they are.

The Government of the Azores aims, therefore, to conduct a survey and provide information on these celebrations and Festivities of the Holy Spirit in the Azores and in the diaspora communities, including their geographical location, dates and historical notes of interest.

The goal is to deepen the knowledge and to preserve this centuries-old tradition experienced by thousands of Azoreans and their descendants, as well as to promote it, especially among the younger generations, the countries that host Azorean communities and also the tourists that visit the region and look for the most authentic manifestations of the culture and living experience of the Azores and of the Azoreans.

Several studies on the worship of the Holy Spirit conducted by scholars and researchers from Portugal, Brazil, Canada and the United States of America are also available in the Guide to the Holy Spirit Festivities.

The implementation of this project and its constant update are only possible with the collaboration of all visitors and of all of those interested in this subject.

Participate and disseminate your Festivity of the Holy Spirit.

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