Fotografia Oficial José Manuel Bolieiro

The worship of the Holy Spirit is the common identity trait of all Azoreans, no matter which island they are from or where they settled their roots.

It is one of the pillars of Açorianidade from Vitorino Nemésio and one of the manifestations that travelled with thousands of Azoreans on the routes that, for centuries, took them to the main destinations of our emigration.

The Holy Spirit Festivities are today, in the Azores and in their communities, one of the most relevant cultural heritages of the Region, also playing an important institutional role, as a result of the celebration of the Day of the Azores that takes place on the Holy Spirit Monday.

It is, inevitably, part of the Azorean people.

Therefore, it became imperative to gather in the same space the celebrations dedicated to these festivities, so that they can be divulged, understood and valued.

It was with this mission that the Government of the Azores developed the website “Guide to the Holy Spirit Festivities”.

This platform aims to be an instrument of knowledge about the several Festivities, their location, dates and features, at the same time assuming itself as an enabling space for interaction between the Brotherhoods that exist in the Azores and the communities of the Azorean diaspora.

José Manuel Bolieiro

President of the Regional Government of the Azores

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